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CSC  HomeView     Home Page  <p>Here at computersystemconsulting.ca we develop, host and support Web based applications for your distributed organization.

<p>We are in the need of Perl programmers and graphic designers. Be sure to check the jobs link in the top links.
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<li>We now offer over 1000 new communities to our phone options. Get one from your target community.</li>
<h2>Crypto currency</h2>
<p>BitCoin and other coins are in the news a lot lately. The air is filled with. Wallets. Exchanges. <a href='https://computersystemconsulting.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=CSC&page=MigratingToCrypto' target='_blank'>Join us in that adventure.</a> of fingerling it out.</p>
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<p>We now offer several choices of Virtual Private Network option. Click the VPN link on the left for more information.</p>

Jan 20 , 2020 
BMaster  HomeView     Home Page.  <! Date Sept 19 2019>
<! Date June 12 2019>
<! Date June 6 2019>
<! Date June 5 2019>
<! Date May 31 2019>
<!-- date may 7 2019 -->
<h2><a href='Https://anucollective.beemaster.ca' target='_blank' name='Anu Collective' title='Beekeeping workshops'> Anu Beekeeping workshops</a></h2>

<h1>Explore the world of Bees and Keeping.</h1>

<p>Bee keeping has many complex issues that we as bee keepers find our selves enmeshed in. Disease and its control. equipment, law and politics, education, more disease control, Pollination practices, Marketing. And it goes on.</p>

<p>scroll down for what we are doing.
<a href=' https://mailchi.mp/d3d824d14233/beemasterlanding' target='_blank' name='Our mail list landing page.'>Join our mail list</a>
<h2>Feed the Bees</h2>
<a href='http://grindrodproject.grindrodbc.com' target='Blank'> <font class='LeftSideBarNavStyle'>Feed The Bees</font></a> link to find out more about feeding bees. We are preparing for presentation a series of workshop and talks on this subject.


<h2>Bees Need your help</h2>

<p>Join our site and find out how you can help. All money collected is directed to bees, research and education of the public and beekeepers. Join protect our bees. If you would like to help please <a href='http://beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=BMaster&view=JobView' target='_blank'>click here</a> We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and steem.</p>

<h2>Bee sure to check our up and coming workshops <a href='http://beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=BMaster&view=WorkShopsView'>click here</a></h2>

<h1>Springs queens.</h1>

<p>Although we teach and practice creating next years production hives in the current season. We always have a need for new queens to fix our weak or queen less colonies. We can also satisfy the need for genetic diversity in our operations. </p>


<h2>This week with the bees.</h2>

<h2>Why we recommend feeding bees!</h2>
<li>Ensure adequate feed for the bees.</li>
<li>We ensure that the majority of available feed is free from chemicals</li>
<li>As we want the new comb they will draw is free from chemicals. Feeding will help to reduce contamination. It will also ensure that there is always feed to draw the comb once they start. Feed interruption will lead to misshaped comb.</li>

<h2>Saturday and Sunday Sept 21 and 22 At the Roots That Bind.</h2>
<p>This event will include Bee pasture, Honey extraction, and Wax handling and candle making.</p>

<h2>Saturday after noon <a href='Https://anucollective.beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=AnuCollective' target='_blank' name='Anu Collective' title='Beekeeping workshops'> Honey worshops</a></h2>

<h2>Sunday <a href='https://anucollective.beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=AnuCollective' target='_blank'>Anu Collective Beekeeping.</a></h2>
<p>We will process the wax we collected and make candles as an example of the use of wax in your beekeeping operations.<a href='Https://anucollective.beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=AnuCollective' target='_blank' name='Anu Collective' title='Beekeeping workshops'> Anu Beekeeping workshop</a>. </p>

<h2>Plants to Feed Bees</h2>
<p>Added more plants to the <a href='http://beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=BMaster&view=BeePastureView' target='_blank'>Plant database</a></p>

<p><h2>Join us for these and other workshops!</h2> Click there workshop link and <a href='https://www.computersystemconsulting.ca/whmcs/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0' target='_blank'>reserve your spot</a> </p>
<h3>This Web Application is for beekeepers to help each other bee better beekeepers.</h3>
<p>Click the <a href='http://sustainbleagriculture.beemaster.ca' target='Blank'> <font class='LeftSideBarNavStyle'>Sustainable Agriculture</font></a> link to find out more about sustainable farming.</p>

<h2>2019 workshops!</h2>

<p>Workshops in main links. <a href='http://beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=BMaster&view=WorkShopsView'>click here</a>. Book early to hold your set. Join us in our adventure in sustainable beekeeping. Remember to check the calendar.</p>

<a href='https://mailchi.mp/debe362e502e/beemaster' target='_blank' name='Our mail list landing page.'>Join our mail list</a> to keep up todate. 
Sept 19, 2019 
AnuCollective  SiteAdminNotes     Anu Admin notes  <h1>Our Anu Collective admin notes</h1>
<p>This is were we communicate key things on the admin site.</p>

<p>This page can be edited by all Anu admin. This is record in the page database. You edit it in a web-form</p>

<p>Changes are permanent here so be careful. </p>

<p>links have no state. Ie login info is not pasted from a link so All links to internal resources will require re longing in.
AltPower  SiteAdminNotes     AltPower Admin Notes  <h2>Our Admin notes</h2>

<p>Menu next major upgrade</p> 
BMaster  FirstVisit     First Visit to our yards.  <h1>First Visit</h1>

<p>You <a href='https://beemaster.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=BMaster&session_id=SXNWC83QXO1UMHQO&page=FirstVisit' target='_blank' onmouseover='More Details'>first</a> visit to the yard will likely be done in the snow. We are here to see the fallowing.</p>

<li><h2>To see who survived the winter. </h2>
<p>This is just a head count of the number of hives that have bees. You are just popping the top of the hive and looking at the size and activity of the bees on the top of the frames.</p>
<img src='https://beemaster.ca/images/apis/evalbees9f.jpg' alt=''width='75%'>
<p>If you are in a Agra biz free area you should expect to see only 10 to 20% The more chemical contamination and poor harvest practices the higher the numbers you will loose. Though the damage may be their and there has been enough bees survive the winter. CCD loses will show up as the brood starts to develop assuming of course your queen is alive. </p></li>
<li><h2>Available feed.</h2>
<p>This will be a simple look on the honey frames to see how much honey is available or if you can tipping the hive if you did not wrap. As we will bee feeding all hives with a thin feed this is more for your next visit. If one is really low you may want to add a honey pollen patty. You should use your pollen and honey or thick sugar for this. Honey if you are in a clean area sugar if your are not.</p></li>
<li><h2>Yard and hive condition.</h2>
<p>He we are looking to see the general condition of the yard. Bear fence condition. Hive and equipment condition. Etc. As there is likely snow on the ground you will not be able to do much. This is more for the planing of your next trip to the yard.</p></li>

<p>The information you will gather from this visit will help you to plan your next visit. Amount of feed. If you are a stock producer you will want to plan the number of pollen patties you will need. If you are not a stock producer, a beginner or the hive is strong. We do not recommend pollen patties. This will reduce your need to do swarm control. Natural build up of your bees will give hives plenty strong enough for a honey crop.</p> 
April 05, 2019 
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