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WiseWoman  WWHomeView     Our home  <h1>WELCOME TO THE WISEWOMAN CENTRE</h1>

<p>Wisewoman Medicine open to all, regardless of gender or age. It is based on taking personal responsibility for one's health and well-being. This site is designed to help you attain the knowledge and products you need to become self-sufficient.
<p> Please use any of the login buttons to get access to your site.

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<p>Watch for our updates.



September 27, 2016 
WiseWoman  WiseWoman_DevProject_View     Wise Woman Centre Projects  <h2>Our Projects</h2>       
WiseWoman  HelpDeskHomeView     HelpDesk  our helpDesk system       
WiseWoman  SeedSaving     Seed Savers  <h1>Wise Woman Centre Seed Saving</h1>

<h2>Our approach to seed saving.</h2>

<p>Embracing the joy of saving our seed leads us to get a better relationship of what it cost to maintain our lives.
<p>Seeds for the next years planting

<h3>some seeds we are looking at</h3>
<li>Green Orach
<p>We are setting up the seed saver site at this link
<A HREF =''target='_Blank' title='Need help get it here' ><font class='HeaderBarNavStyle'>Seed Saver Site </font>

WiseWoman  SiteAdminNotes     admin notes  <p> Sarah you will see this are when you log in. I am moving the above private converstions to this part of the page.
<p>Click the admin edit link to enter notes here.
<li>Please click this link and create an order for a domain hosting. <a href='' >Use the host a domain link.</a> This will create and account which I can create your server from.
<li>Think about your look. colours, back ground pictures, banners etc. I can make the site resemble most other sites. I can also train Ginney in the process if she wants to learn.
<li> For a start I can teach her HTML codeing that she can use to enter your page content in forms like this one.
<li>Get in the habit of visiting this page regularily. The application is designed to be your web resoucer station. Placing it as your home page is great as it will put this page and its contence in front of you each day.
<li>I am on my way back from Vernon after the GMO meeting at NORD. May have time to drop in but it may be tough as I am going to be with Paul.
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