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    Our current iteration is a solar powered water drum in the middle of the Yurt.

    Key projects in the works.
    1. 50 Drum

      • Direct Solar

        Barrel is placed in the centre of the yurt in full sun. from the south roof. This roof is clear to allow light and heat to enter when the sun is shining.
      • Direct solar dc.

        A 220 restrictive hot water tank element was placed in the bottom barrel. This element is wired directly to 2 285 watt solar panels wired in series. The tank will begin heating as soon as the sun shines on the panel. We will begin to monitor the temp of the tank and the voltage amp into the element.

      • Circulating pump

        This pump will distribute the heat
        1. Coach
        2. To primary barrel by coach
        3. To secondary storage.
      • Supplies needed

        • 2 24v 285 watt Panels
        • 220 hot water heater element Matched to panels
        • Wire to connect panel to element.
        • Hot water circulating pump.
        • Piping for circulating system.
        • System to record data from the system
    2. Supplimental Heat and power

      There are several.

      • Wood heat

        This is as a porcelain stove top single burner wide. This stove would provide eat and minor cooking, Coffee tea.
      • Electrical heat.


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