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    Heating water and using it. We heat water for many reasons Check out our list.

    Key projects in the works.
    1. Evnode heating system

      Goal of this project is to heat the entire rvNode with solar. The current solar array and battery pack are not large enough yet so we will include alternate power sources.

      • Primary heat source

        This will be a repurposed hot tub heater. The main inlet and out let are 2 1/4” inlet and outlet. There is also a 3/4” jet pump outlet. This will be used to speculate water though the heaters.

      • Heat resivours.

        This is 6 50 gallon drums.

      • Yurt heat.

      • Supplies needed

        • 4 each 3/4 x 100 black plastic pipe
        • 8 each 3/4 Ts
        • 8 each 3/4 90
        • 8 each 3/4 inline
        • heater adapter likely 1/2 to 3/4
        • 24 + 18 +16 3/4 hose clamps
        • 2 each 2 1/4 barrel adapter for attaching main pump inlet and outlet to primary storage barrel.
        • 2 1/4 id flexible pipe for connecting pump to barrel.
        • Hot water heater for trailer.
      • Supplimental Heat and power

        There are several.

        • Coach Generator

          provides both power to run the pump and hot air to heat the space Simple cogeneration
        • Wood heat

          This is as simple as a barrel on the wood stove that the return line of the heating circuit.
        • 3 way Rv Hotwater heater

          One can use a 3 way 110 v 12 volt propaine. It would be installed to heat the resivour.

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