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Grid tie

There's a lot of controversy over what this means. It has split to two basic definitions.

The industry technical and the anti authority model.

The technical module.

To understand this we have to look at the current installed infrastructure. Which is based around large power generation plants. Many are vary dirty such as Coal and Nuclear. Some relatively clean such as Gas and hydro. These large plants were wired together to the end user of power. This model virtually covers the enter planet. It has proven relatively reliable at delivering power to the end user.

Smart grid grow out of the old grid because of a need to predict power need and match them with power production. All power system needs this balancing act.

As with most human endeavorers it has lead to a misuse of the system for maximizing profits, power and control. Which has lead to the OFF grid anti authority model

Anti authority model

This model sees the grid as the symbol of control of the few over the many. In the 60 and 70 we referred to this as to back to the land. We tried to physically disconnect from the oppressive forces behind modern society. It saw the need to reduce our usage, produce what we need and share our surplus. This we applied to all our endeavorers food heat electricity. Many expressed it as the foot print we leave on the planet in our passing.

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