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Solar Power

There are many systems made that convert solar light and heat into powers. Here are a few.

  • Here is a great introduction into Solar power RE100: Introduction to Renewable Energy
  • Photo voltaic. Better know as Solar panels.

    There are many types of solar panels on the market today. With China making the switch to solar power production. The cost of solar panels has dropped to the point that they are now the lowest price per kilowatt of all power production systems. Including Natural Gas.

    Here at USBM we have be producing power with these units for more than 15 years. We are currently upgrading the system.

    The next project is to put our panels on a 2 axis tracker. Click here to fallow

  • Salt based.

    These systems are steam powered. A slot solution is heated to store the suns energy then used to create steam to drive a turbine.

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