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The RV Node

This is a typical node for an RV or Camp site. It consists primarily of a Solar array and battery pack to collect and store power for use by visiting RV or Campers. Sewage, Water permanent shelters etc are options for these systems.

There will be many variations on this theme. Each designed to take advantage of the individual sites.

Our example site will take you though all the phases of creation and use.

  • Site Evaluation

    Site evaluation is important as it will give you a clear picture of what you have to create your site. The things you will be on the look out for.

    • The land it self.

      You will be looking first at access routes, to usage areas.
    • Solar.

      The clear view of the ske.
    • Wind.

      Bit harder to do than solar and the air maybe moving fast just above your head and not were you are.
    • Water.

      We have 3 main needs of water Domestic, Power and of course irrigation
    • Wood

      We will use wood for construction, heating, cooking.
    • Manure

      This is in fact a vary important one. Manure provides you with power and nutrients for the soil. and to a degree heating. You will likely need an outside source if you decide on methane production
    • Garden

      This will at the vary lest will be bee posture. I could also include food production.

  • li>
    • Electricity


      • Solar

        Our example is divided into several systems. Each is scaled to the battery pack they are supporting.

      • Wind

        Unfortunately vary site specific our example dose not have reliable wind to invest in this source.

      • Hydro power

        Number one choice if you have it.
      • Generator

        Generators are a current easy to obtain and use source of power. Generators should be sized to the load requirements. Our System has 2 generaors a 2500w 110v system gas powered and a 6000w 110v system. We use both of these systems as needed to keep the system functioning comfortably.

      • Grid Tie

        The grid tie system allows multiple sites to be link together to share surplus power within the camp ground or to the main grid connection.
      • Storage

        Our example has several battery packs. We size the packs to the load needed for the circuit We place them were needed to supply the needs most effectively.

        • Main pack

          on a 6000watt 220v split phase inverter. This currently has a 2s1p lead acid system In the process of being replaced by a 7s5p modular system. each battery being able to be placed in partial to form vary large installations.

          This system provide the power for the coach and the shop. It also provides the power for heating the node.

        • 12volt main.

          This pack is on a 12v solar array of 6 124# 12 volt panels Current pack configuration is 2S1P

    • Shelter

      Will include such things as a permanent yurt, septic/methane production, green house, Gardens water etc.

Last Update November 10, 2018

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