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Solar Tracker

A solar tracker will improve the performance of your system by and estimated 40%. If you can turn it in that amount of power then the process of turning it is well worth the expense.

Most structure are based around a single post that holds and array of panels. Usually 4 or or 6 panels. There are one and two axis are used. They may be electrically or enigmatically controlled. Our designs are based on reusing equipment were possible. so that cost and availability of resources are kept at optimum levels.

The support system

  • Main support systems.

    The same panel support should adapt easily to the fallowing support systems.

    • post mounted
    • RV mount
    • Roof mount
  • light steel or aluminium construction.
  • >Panel support.

    12 volt 124 watt panels are 26 3/4 x 85 1/4 x 1 3/8 inches We will place the panels in a panels two high by 3 wide. We will need to have a space between the horizontal boundary and one of the two vertical splits. we need this to accumulate the x shaped shade panels in the centre. It could be a part of the support structure or just a thin insert. only the sencors need to be shield

  • Pivot points are baring surface to reduce friction to a min. Auto steering assumability could work It has a strong barring that supports the tire and wheel. the wheel bolts Provide strong connection for panel support and rotational gear. It is used track the horizontally from rise to set points.

    The other axis of the steering assembly is the tie rod support. In the car this is turns the wheel in the direction of the turn. In the in the solar tracker it move the panels in the vertical plane.


  • pneumatic
    • Air cylinder that pushes a leaver that moves the axis through it range of motion. pdf g
  • Electric
    • Vertical

      Screw drive. This is made from any hand held electric drill. Remove from casing. Insert into a heated pvc pipe. the pipe will contract and securely hold the motor in place. Use a threaded rod and nut as the worm drive. Voltage should be the same as the panel voltage. Although the panel voltage can be directly converted to the required voltage of the drill though the use of buck converters or other such device.

    • Horizontal

      worm or chain drive from rise point to sun set point. The main limitation here is your power wires they must have clear passage for the entire length of the track. An old drill can be used here too. A chain drive will likely have the most power as you can use less complicated gearing than with a worm.
  • Electronics control and monitoring.

    We will be using an arduino raspberry pi combination to do this.
    • Sun tracking and motor control

      There are many variations on this topic on the net today. Most are using some form of photo sensitive device that reads the light intensity of 4 points.

    • Voltage and power monitoring and recording.

      charge controller

Solar Tracker it will rotate the panel support to track the sun on its daily pass through the sky. so it will need to rotate from the sun-up to sun down. It will also tilt vertically to accommodate keeping the panel with the up and down movement of the sun in the sky. I have 2 versions in mind. One powered by pneumatics and one with a arduino. The first one I would to get built is the arduino version as it fits my electronics control interest right now. Parameters for the support structure that can move the panel in two planes with little resistance. yet withstand gale force winds on a sail about 10 feet square. a satellite system of old is a good example of such a system. Across the sky the the system used a screw drive to push and pull the panel This system did not have to be efficient so vertical was changed by hand and the horizontal drive was powered from the house so it was just turned on the end cap over a post. All axes should be on bearings as we will be powering the two with electric motors. such a low-voltage electric drills that still work yet the batteries are long dead. Or for the purred new version as they come on line. vertical likely a screw drive horizontal chain with 360 rotation Control circuity will keep the unit tracking the sun and relaying data of the out put to a central unit. likely my server in Texas.

Last Update August 08, 2017

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