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Methane Gas

This gas is the product of bacterial action found in the gut of animals and produced by rotting material, The primary source of the former is cattle. The dairy industry is the worst here as the number of cows in one place has risen far beyond normal disposal. Primarily direct placement on the land.

We can use Methane to power our ICE vehicles, rockets for space travel, cooking and heating.

Methane gas is the primary ingredient in what is known as natural gas. Natural gas is by product of the oil industry and is a major greenhouse gas directly and carbon in burning. Natural gas has the same problem as other long term sequestered green petroleum products. Harvest is done via drilling and the technique of fracking. Which is high detrimental to the Eco system through water contamination.

The two primary annually reoccurring production animals and rotting material Could supply the majority of our needs for Methane. The way to do this is methane digesters. These systems are easy to use. The simplest is a bag full of manure sealed of with and outlet tube connected to your burner. These systems have been in use for hundreds of years and work quite well.

More modern implementations are in active use around the world. The varying technologies have proven records of safe and effective production of the fuel for our daily use. India uses the bell jar type and provide gas to village and schools. China tends towards the plastic bubble and bag systems. Both systems range in size from a family home to entire cities.

More developed countries tend to the more expensive but more efficient systems. They are installed in city sewage systems, Major dairies etc. Dairies are a classic use that can generate all the power needed to run the operation, heating electricity (generators) and fuel for trucks and tractors. With surplus available to sell both in the form of electricity to the electrical distribution system and the gas directly to gas suppliers.

The sludge that comes out of they system is augmented fertilizer for the farm. Keeping chemical fertilizers out of our land.

Last Update October 15, 2018

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