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Adventure's in Sustainable Power Planning.

Sustainable power is the has two main components. First and for most reduction in our power usage. To do this we need to Annalise our projected power needs. For this we are developing a server based power system. Add the power needs that your site will have.

The system needs to balance

  • Load The Power we will use.
  • Production How we will produce that power.

The closer each Node is into balance more efficient it is.

Types of power conversions we currently use.

  • Heat
  • Electricity used for
    • warmth
    • Electronics
    • cooking
    • Light
      • Shop
      • coach
      • trailer
      • portable
    • Communications
    • Mechanical
      • tools
      • transportation
    • Chemical
      • warmth
      • electricity
      • steam
    • Mechanical
      • Motors
      • Generators
    • Water
      • Drinking water
      • irrigation
      • steam
      • cooking
      • manufacturing

    Types of power we currently get energy from.

    • The Sun
    • Stored energy from the sun. biomass, Water and air movement
    • Geothermal
    • Magnetic
    • Zero point

    Co-generation of power needs can help to get better use of energy conversion systems. Typically we need Heat, Electrical and Mechanical in one unit. Obtaining heat is the easiest of the bunch to create. Sunlight is the primary source.

    Tools and information to help you setup and maintain your life with power.

    • Battery log.
    • Power usage log.
    • Database of products and their power usage
    • Power planing system

    Last Update Febuary 8, 2015

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