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The world of power production and distribution has changed so much in the last few years. From a Centralized Power System to a Distributed Power System. The infrastructure has always been there. Just run under a different mandate. This change is a direct result of our rethinking our power needs and how we think about existing structure. The resulting reorganization of the parts have lead to complete change of direction of the existing system. System filled with many diverse power sources. The blend has been coal, Dirty Oil, Solar, hydro, Wind geothermal fuel cells wave and shudder nuclear. The shift is accelerating from dirty to clean.

The modular design of the Grid tie system allows for the ability to be completely indented for direct use and feeding the excess power those that need it. Each node can be tuned to the needs at a given site. Local powers sources. Solar, wind, heat, water. Power needs, connection ability to other nodes. No use putting a huge ability to produce power if your not able to share it.

Co-generation and power consumption reduction systems have been adapted over the last few years.

Site goals

  • Education
    • The first is rethinking our personal power needs. Most will find that this is far less usage than you. We will provide to track your power usage. Armed with this you will be able to plan were you need to shift to obtain the desired goals.
    • Tools to plan your power node.
    • Tools to monitor power use
    • Tools to manage and maintain the equipment invested in.
  • Systems to change
    • Reduce your need for power
    • Power sources of power to clean renewable sources.
    • Monitor and predict power needs
      • Server based data storage, module control, data analysis
      • Wireless modules that monitor voltage and current thorough the system
      • Modules that will do action such and move panels, start/step generators. change power routes.

Last Update Febuary 4, 2015

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